Out of the night that covers me

Expectation, Truth and Your Word

theunderdog1I expect you to tell me the true or be truthful and true to your word. Doesn’t your word mean everything in business and in life? You’re suppose to do what is expected of you? Shouldn’t you be truthful with the people you service, live with or spend time with, whether they’re clients or friends?


Are you who you say you are? Would anyone want to be you if they really knew who you where? This doesn’t just apply to people but to businesses all around. Are you really who you say you are and if you are not that then tell those who represent your name, including yourself, to stop perpetrating your image and start living out the true idea of who you should be as a person, as a business, as a friend, as a colleague, as a boss, as a parent….Need I go on? You only lose yourself when you buy into what others want you to be. If change comes your way, it should only be excepted if it makes you a better person, business, friend, husband, wife, colleague, boss, etc.


Freedom comes with truth…Expectation are only met when you honor your word and do what you say your going to do. Your word does mean everything and you reputation is on the line every time you give it!


Remember that!


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