Everyday I’m Hustling, Hustling, Hustling!

It would be a waste to not utilize my talents, experience, or my abilities to make money but settling for just a 9 to 5. Straight talk, no punches held, uncut and to this point…. If I can make you wealthy or profitable with all that I have should I make it happen for myself with that same effort, ability, experience, etc. An employer or most employers will tell you there is opportunity but for many company your opportunities are in the hands of supervisors who fear that fact that you could become their superior. Many employees find other areas to move to because promotions are limited or don’t measure up the opportunity companies preach or promise. They love to use words like you need to become this title before you can become the titled position you really want but nevermind the fact that you have been doing the job you want for the last year. It’s okay for you too handle or hold down this position as long as we don’t have to pay you for it… Company interest will almost always come before career progression and the days or true worker development are far behind us. Too many companies try to find loop holes to keep you tied to a position or place time frames in which you must remain in this position for the next year before you can move on. If I received my masters within that year and opportunities presents itself… Then I must asked… Where is the fair game on the opportunity your describe to me at the interview. If my dreams of success in your company is held up by restraints and you fear my desire to be more sooner then later then my value as an employee is base on what you need only. I am more then the box you what to place me in… And for reason and many others explain why I work be my own boss and keep a hustle to provide income in case I have to remind my employer, you under appreciate my true value and at anytime can lose an asset you to your continued success.

Published by K. Andrew Williams

Kenneth A. Williams is a freelance developer/designer with years of website & Graphic experience. Always looking to design, re-design or work on projects. I have worked with and for many companies within the last 20 years. I’ve been around Projects, Management, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Entertainment ( music, production, film, ​and media), Sports, Education, Non-Profit Organizations, Charities, Fundraising, etc. Web development, design and Web Project Management is what I’m good at and love to do. I have always been a creative individual and an excellent team player. I will get it done and make it happen. My passion for business revolves around helping small businesses create a strong internet presence and finding new ways to grow businesses. I am taking my passions and building on the things I love most to do, DESIGN! QUOTE TO LIVE BY: With success or failure, you should always LAUGH every day as much as possible! LIVE life to the fullest! LOVE me and share it with those who support and love me too! LEARN everything because no one can take that from you! Network, make money and give someone the chance you were given! Specialties: Web Design, Projects, Management, Creating, Designing, Sales, Marketing, Development, Planning, Management, Forecasting, Budgeting, Cost Analysis, Training, Software Solution, Networking, Hosting, Music, Events, Artist Relations, Promotions, Organizing, Contracts, Proposal Writing, Presentations,Competitive analysis, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Allocation, Managing Resources etc Email: websites@keitaj.com

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