conflicted and still I serve!

As conflicted as I am at time when I have to ask what should I do, I am still in service to my maker and true want to make a decision based on how a Christian should handle the situation. Yes, Dr Mike… people do disappoint you and at times it appear as though God has too but this is the trickery of the devil. Providing false claims of how God has forgotten about you. I guess what I’m posting this for or what this is about it how I or many of us have tried to be there to assist others and their lack of appreciation for what you have done. They talk to you at times like they don’t know who you are and think it’s ok. Let me get this off my chest, let me clear my throat, how about I take a step back and say @#$?@+#*”=/?$++@*#…. That wouldn’t be Christian like. So let me say it like this…. Father God forgive them, for they no not what they have done. Show some appreciation always… What people do for you deserves it.

Published by K. Andrew Williams

Kenneth A. Williams is a freelance developer/designer with years of website & Graphic experience. Always looking to design, re-design or work on projects. I have worked with and for many companies within the last 20 years. I’ve been around Projects, Management, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Entertainment ( music, production, film, ​and media), Sports, Education, Non-Profit Organizations, Charities, Fundraising, etc. Web development, design and Web Project Management is what I’m good at and love to do. I have always been a creative individual and an excellent team player. I will get it done and make it happen. My passion for business revolves around helping small businesses create a strong internet presence and finding new ways to grow businesses. I am taking my passions and building on the things I love most to do, DESIGN! QUOTE TO LIVE BY: With success or failure, you should always LAUGH every day as much as possible! LIVE life to the fullest! LOVE me and share it with those who support and love me too! LEARN everything because no one can take that from you! Network, make money and give someone the chance you were given! Specialties: Web Design, Projects, Management, Creating, Designing, Sales, Marketing, Development, Planning, Management, Forecasting, Budgeting, Cost Analysis, Training, Software Solution, Networking, Hosting, Music, Events, Artist Relations, Promotions, Organizing, Contracts, Proposal Writing, Presentations,Competitive analysis, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Allocation, Managing Resources etc Email:

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