Out of the night that covers me

Great at creating ideas but making money from the idea is crucial.

I read a interest article that raised my eyebrows and I wanted to share some of the points it made. I read Inc magazine all the time and find some of the most interesting articles. This article was about people who have great ideas for businesses and open these businesses but can’t seem to make Money from them. I was always told to write out your ideas and do the research required for thqt idea. Now, I’m a pretty good researcher but I missed something important that all great ideas require. That is the research need to establish some solid ideas of how to make money off of the idea. We know already that the idea can make money but a common mistake people who launch a business idea forget to create a plan for not just making money but detail plan for how and how to create a continuous streamline of incoming from the idea. How about does this ideas have expand money alternatives. The product you sell; are they necessities, needed services or is there a chance thqt my customers can decide that they could do without it. I can go on for days about some of the point this article made but express the main idea of the article as express by the writer. Any and everyone can come up with great ideas but the real question in business is can they find way to make money from it. Most people can’t….


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