Out of the night that covers me

Give up the idea of control

A man and maybe even some women must feel, or at least think they are in control. Whether it’s a decision to make or something they have to accept. Now, I’m a man of and with faith. Let the doubters doubt and the haters hate. But for me I believe in something greater then me. GOD!

My favorite saying about people is “some do, some don’t, some will, some won’t, whatever makes you happy! Yes, Ten City says that in a song but it’s true.

Let me get to the point of this blog. If you are of faith and believe in what God has said he would do for you, if you put him before all thing then whatever you ask shall be given unto you. I can’t put this any clearer then this or simplify it any easier. You must give up control and let God do what he said he would do but not only because you have control issues but your lack faith and lack of belief will not allow doors to be open for you. In life everything has two ways of happening. The easy way and the hard way. Most choose the hard way and don’t know it. Hands down, if you give it up to God you will win and it becomes easy. You think because you didn’t get that job and even prayed about it and still you lost that opportunity not knowing that God has set forth doors opening on your behalf and instead of preparing for this bigger opportunity you go back to trying to control everything, get back on that hard road to success, wait for something to happened and all of a sudden your denials start to increase instead of your blessing.

Stay the course, wait on God, give it up to him even if the devil is working harder then ever because a test of faith is the perpetration for receiving God glory of blessings.

Just give GOD control! I will put my money on his word any day of the week.


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