About Kenneth


Kenneth A. Williams is the Marketing Production Specialist for the APWU Health Plan. I’m a certified Notary Public & Signing Agent and owner of AKSTAR Apparel Store. I have over 30 years of Experience that includes Managing Projects, Management, Training, Websites, Graphics, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Mentoring, Coaching, Advertising, Promotions, Entertainment ( music, film, and media), Sports, Education, Non-Profit Organizations, Charities, Fundraising, etc.

Managing projects is what I’m good at and love to do. I have always been a creative individual and an excellent team player. I will get it done and make it happen. My passion for business revolves around creating a simpler way of conducting business operations through new technologies.

PROJECT: Agape Deliverance Ministries Inc., Mu Lambda Chapter , Eta Eta Lambda Chapter of ΑΦΑ, Mid-Atlantic Association of Alpha Chapters, Alpha Academy Mentoring Program, APWU Health Plan, ACS Communications, Spirit of Faith Christian Center, Suddenly Simple Consulting, Ultima Force, Bankruptcy Appraisal Network, CRSOVR Basketball, Curves Rock Fashion Week, Carefirst BCBS, Verizon Wireless, Oce North America, Calihome Appraisers, Eldridge Financial, BigShot Music Group, Associate Records, Foot Locker Inc, Authority Records, Digital Black Ent., Sista Gyrl Promotions, Sheryl Grant Enterprises | Blue Cross & Blue Shield Associations, Time Warner, L Records, GraySky Entertainment, Phatrax Studio,The Joynt Magazine, The Hit Factory Camps, SOFCC Warriors Athletics, 99thejoynt Radio

QUOTE TO LIVE BY: With success or failure, you should always LAUGH every day as much as possible! LIVE life to the fullest! LOVE yourself and share it with those who support and love you too! LEARN everything because no one can take that from you! Network, make money, give someone the chance you were given, never try to turn the lights out on someone’s dreams and put GOD at the head of everything you do in life!

Email: keitaj42@yahoo.com


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  1. Hey bro,

    Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that this blog is a good look! Keep the thoughts flowing.


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