Great at creating ideas but making money from the idea is crucial.

I read a interest article that raised my eyebrows and I wanted to share some of the points it made. I read Inc magazine all the time and find some of the most interesting articles. This article was about people who have great ideas for businesses and open these businesses but can’t seem to make […]

Image means almost everything…

Just like an interview your company or business is interviewing for opportunities to service client/customers and who you are is not the end of selling yourself, products, services or information. Like employers, client/customers research you or your business. Remember finding out a girl or guy like you and the first thing you asked was what […]

Leverage… Who has it? You or your boss.

My father worked as a cab driver in NJ for 40 years and I love him. Most importantly because he stood on his own terms. I work for a large company doing something I hate but it pays the bill and most of all it gives me the financial ability to work my own business […]