Leverage… Who has it? You or your boss.

My father worked as a cab driver in NJ for 40 years and I love him. Most importantly because he stood on his own terms. I work for a large company doing something I hate but it pays the bill and most of all it gives me the financial ability to work my own business […]

Put your lighters up and shine with me!

This a brief post and a thought I had because of a statement I heard in a discussion! I believe this entirely…. We are so driven at times and make this mistake and don’t realize it… Opportunity is out there for any and everyone. Money can be made by anyone. A college degree or Masters […]

Who’s plan are you working with, Yours or Gods?

I am in control… and I’m gonna make things happen for me! How many of you think this way? Who believes they’re in complete control over there everyday life. Is it because you work so hard the real reason you have success?  I would debate that any day of the week. This was me taking […]

Expectation, Truth and Your Word

I expect you to tell me the true or be truthful and true to your word. Doesn’t your word mean everything in business and in life? You’re suppose to do what is expected of you? Shouldn’t you be truthful with the people you service, live with or spend time with, whether they’re clients or friends? […]

How to fight so everybody wins

‘…speaking the truth in love, we will…grow up…’ Ephesians 4:15 There are two ways to tell the truth: the ‘give them a piece of your mind’ style, which only drives the wedge deeper, or the Bible way: ‘Speaking the truth in love,’ which resolves conflict and strengthens relationships. Suppose a couple is fighting because he’s […]