Out of the night that covers me

Keitaj Images & Designs

Keitaj Images & Designs was founded in Southern, California – April of 2004 and now currently based in Columbia, Maryland. The name Keitaj came from the owners two sons names. Keimahn (Kei) and Tajahn (Taj) make up the name Keitaj. Images & Designs we added in 2004 when the owner decided to make his website design hobbie a business. Our first client was Xpress Appraisals in 2005 and we are still design today! We know there are many options out there when you are contemplating design. We are a small firm that offers clients a closer business relationship, something many large firms simply cannot offer. We are dedicated to helping small business owners use the power of the web to build and grow their businesses. We are friendly and professionals with one focus, our customers. We create great designs that will represent your product and service in the best way, all the while making it easy for your customer to understand your company and why they should choose YOU!

Check out my portfolio: click here


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