Out of the night that covers me

Athletic Kingdom Apparel

Who is Athletic Kingdom Apparel?

In 2008 I create the first Kingdom Logo that later became dedicate to Athletic Kingdom. I had began doing websites and graphics with Keitaj Images & Designs in 2004 and was always told I should sell some of my designs. In April of 2008 I opened my first shop through Cafepress.com and began to sell designs as a hobby. I previously worked for a well know and one of the largest retail sneaker & apparel company. I loved sneakers, cloths and just like web design and graphic I was very creative. After leaving retail I set out to my own small apparel company. In 2009 I branched out and began to do designs on skate deck through boardpushers.com and also open my third shop with Zazzle.com. My Zazzle shop is primarily for Athletic Kingdom’s AK Original Customized ProKeds with AK Designs on them. In 2010 I began to seriously take a look at this apparel company being a reality and started putting together a sales force. The first Team member I brought to Athletic Kingdom was a friend Andre Taylor who would represent Las Vagas and Southern California. Since then, I’ve add other team members in New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Delaware, D.C. and Northern Va. When I first started this we were call “I Am Kingdom Clothing” but in 2010 I changed the name to Athletic Kingdom. In 2011, after building a small sales force we are now ready to move forward and preparing to make our mark. Our first campaign is just as the heading of our website saids, “WE GOT NEXT!”


You can also visit us at: Athletic Kingdom Apparel Site
Email us at: customerservice@athletickingdom.com


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