Out of the night that covers me


conflicted and still I serve!

As conflicted as I am at time when I have to ask what should I do, I am still in service to my maker and true want to make a decision based on how a Christian should handle the situation. Yes, Dr Mike… people do disappoint you and at times it appear as though God has too but this is the trickery of the devil. Providing false claims of how God has forgotten about you. I guess what I’m posting this for or what this is about it how I or many of us have tried to be there to assist others and their lack of appreciation for what you have done. They talk to you at times like they don’t know who you are and think it’s ok. Let me get this off my chest, let me clear my throat, how about I take a step back and say @#$?@+#*”=/?$++@*#…. That wouldn’t be Christian like. So let me say it like this…. Father God forgive them, for they no not what they have done. Show some appreciation always… What people do for you deserves it.


Everyday I’m Hustling, Hustling, Hustling!

It would be a waste to not utilize my talents, experience, or my abilities to make money but settling for just a 9 to 5. Straight talk, no punches held, uncut and to this point…. If I can make you wealthy or profitable with all that I have should I make it happen for myself with that same effort, ability, experience, etc. An employer or most employers will tell you there is opportunity but for many company your opportunities are in the hands of supervisors who fear that fact that you could become their superior. Many employees find other areas to move to because promotions are limited or don’t measure up the opportunity companies preach or promise. They love to use words like you need to become this title before you can become the titled position you really want but nevermind the fact that you have been doing the job you want for the last year. It’s okay for you too handle or hold down this position as long as we don’t have to pay you for it… Company interest will almost always come before career progression and the days or true worker development are far behind us. Too many companies try to find loop holes to keep you tied to a position or place time frames in which you must remain in this position for the next year before you can move on. If I received my masters within that year and opportunities presents itself… Then I must asked… Where is the fair game on the opportunity your describe to me at the interview. If my dreams of success in your company is held up by restraints and you fear my desire to be more sooner then later then my value as an employee is base on what you need only. I am more then the box you what to place me in… And for reason and many others explain why I work be my own boss and keep a hustle to provide income in case I have to remind my employer, you under appreciate my true value and at anytime can lose an asset you to your continued success.

What happen to what you know?

I am tired of school… And yes education is so important but I know how to do my job extremely well. I see people who do the same job slack and do minimal work, but kiss #$?@ like nobodies business and get new position or promotion. Does the gift of gab and who you know fair better most of the time now. I not sure where you”re from or work but I see this so often that all of the time spent educating yourself seems worthless. I see people interview people who are more qualified to do there job and because of this intimidating fact they bypass considering them for a position in their company. What happening?

It’s Now or Never…

Everyday TIME PASSES BY. How have you spent your day. Did you make things happen, did you make good use of your time or did you just floated through the day, losing track of time and not accomplishing any of the things you set out to do? Let’s be honest everyone at some point has been guilty of this. Let me get to this quickly.  If you don’t get a grip on time and the use of it. if you don’t get organized so that your time is better spent. If you just let life pass you by every day, every minute, and all of the time you will run out of time and say “I should have!” Why put off tomorrow what you could do today. If not now, then when and if not you then who…..

The Next Level!

Every year around this time, aside from Christmas Shopping, many are preparing for a new year with a new resolution… I don’t know about everyone else but I evaluate the previous year (the good, the bad, what’s new and what can be let go!) to help determine where do I go from here. Three things are always on my list for the new year… A better father, a better husband and more then anything a better relationship with God! Once I have evaulate the previous year I can then make a resolution. To make one this year I’ve outlined it in a STATE OF THE FAMILY ADDRESS I will give to my family. I got this idea from my cousin John Marshall. This a written document about where we are as a family. Next is a written plan for us in the next five years. Then, Go over all of the mistakes we made, improvements and accomplishments. After that, how do we get to the next level in 2010? Once the how part has been established then you can make a New Years Resolution! Some of us are lost, can’t decide or just not into resolutions but a resolution is a plan for a better year. everyone should have one and if you do or going to have one then you need to write it down and post it everywhere (work, home, car, etc) so that you can be reminded that you have one and it needs to be worked on so that you can get to the NEXT LEVEL!

I pray for someone other then myself!

theunderdog1Father God, I thank you for my blessings and give you the glory for allowing me to see another day which you have created. I ask that you give favor to those who seek out your words, believe and always allow the word to abide in them. As I sleep tonight give comfort to those who have been feeling the pain of hardship and yet, still remain faithful and obedient. Let every man or women that seek the son know that you are the father and that if he who believe in him believes in you. There is nothing beyond your kingdom and that all things are at your mercy. I pray that doors will open for those who rightfully deserves your grace. I ask for this in Jesus Name!

Put your lighters up and shine with me!

theunderdog1This a brief post and a thought I had because of a statement I heard in a discussion! I believe this entirely…. We are so driven at times and make this mistake and don’t realize it… Opportunity is out there for any and everyone. Money can be made by anyone. A college degree or Masters does really mean you’re the best person for a job. A person without those things but have the ability to do a job if not as well but better. A GED in this day and age can now live next to a PHD, MBA, BS, BA or the President of these United States of America. (Thanks Paster Mike, I received that!) lol….Did you get that! Here’s what I’m getting at…the reason for this post. We strive to shine on the world, make our mark and be the best but we hate on other who shine more. We are quick to judge, we formulate our theories about a person before we hear the complete story. The people who share their dreams or vision with us deserve their chance to shine too. Understand this if not anything else. “You don’t have to put out or prevent someone else’s light from shining just because yours is not… maybe if you had not done that and given words or encouragement or support yours could be shining also…!” WOW!!!!!! Be careful on critiquing others and pre-judging. Someone listened to you, someone opened a door for you, someone took a chance on you, someone even thought your idea or dreams was nonsense but gave you the support to make it happen… Give 5 minutes of your time everyday to someone with a dream or idea…you will never know unless to try is what my mom always said…

R.I.P. Lucille “Ruth” Williams 01/24/2002 Love ya mom!

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Samuel L. Jackson / Pulp FictionThe path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.