Image means almost everything…

Just like an interview your company or business is interviewing for opportunities to service client/customers and who you are is not the end of selling yourself, products, services or information. Like employers, client/customers research you or your business. Remember finding out a girl or guy like you and the first thing you asked was what she or he looked like. Client/customers want to know what you look like and if you don’ t looked the part then what make you thing your customer will want to have a relationship you. Yes quality is key but in today’ market you must not only be competitive but presentable to the public. Get you website done right at http://www.keitaj.com. you know that site needs help.


Leverage… Who has it? You or your boss.

My father worked as a cab driver in NJ for 40 years and I love him. Most importantly because he stood on his own terms. I work for a large company doing something I hate but it pays the bill and most of all it gives me the financial ability to work my own business and build it into something special. Well if you’re reading this post then you’re trying piece together this post and the title. LEVERAGE! Is the main topic. I feel use by my employer and have in the past and I am unafraid. To say this because when you know Christ like I do then you understand that he is my employer. Today I understand why he hired me for this job. I learned the meaning or 2 things. Leverage and who has it. Most employers have it because most people don’t  know their worth, not only to your employer, the job market but to yourself. We doubt our abilities to do jobs that employers embellished about and the descriptions are not nearly close to the true requirements you need to have. A G.E.D. can not only live by Phd or MBA but do the job as well or better. let me get back to leverage. The person or the authority who has the power to make a change, controls what happens or has the controlling say in all matters has LEVERAGE. Period!

My father had leverage. He had no one to answer to and if he needed a day to relax he made the decision. His income was determined by whether or not he wanted make money or how much. When you control your income potential then you have leverage. When nothing can be done without your say, you have leverage. When someone needs your service you have leverage. Leverage is doing very little for more. Maybe you missed that. The saying work smart and not hard is about leverage, who has it and if you have it are you working it right but your employers work it right everyday. Think about it. Leverage!

Finishing the things you wanted

Time waits for no man or woman. Before you know it, high school is over, college is over and eventually the party stops. For many this is good but for others it can be a hard pill to swallow. It’ all apart of growing up. RUN – DMC once said in a song, “I rather stay young go out and play, it’s like that and that’s the way it is…” get the things you want to do done early in your life. Some things you only get one chance at and the other things, although available to complete, can be detoured or on hold because your busy life prevents you from getting back to those things. If it’s in your heart to do, get it on your calendar and make room in your schedule before you look up and the things you really want to do has passed you by…

Just a thought!

Give up the idea of control

A man and maybe even some women must feel, or at least think they are in control. Whether it’s a decision to make or something they have to accept. Now, I’m a man of and with faith. Let the doubters doubt and the haters hate. But for me I believe in something greater then me. GOD!

My favorite saying about people is “some do, some don’t, some will, some won’t, whatever makes you happy! Yes, Ten City says that in a song but it’s true.

Let me get to the point of this blog. If you are of faith and believe in what God has said he would do for you, if you put him before all thing then whatever you ask shall be given unto you. I can’t put this any clearer then this or simplify it any easier. You must give up control and let God do what he said he would do but not only because you have control issues but your lack faith and lack of belief will not allow doors to be open for you. In life everything has two ways of happening. The easy way and the hard way. Most choose the hard way and don’t know it. Hands down, if you give it up to God you will win and it becomes easy. You think because you didn’t get that job and even prayed about it and still you lost that opportunity not knowing that God has set forth doors opening on your behalf and instead of preparing for this bigger opportunity you go back to trying to control everything, get back on that hard road to success, wait for something to happened and all of a sudden your denials start to increase instead of your blessing.

Stay the course, wait on God, give it up to him even if the devil is working harder then ever because a test of faith is the perpetration for receiving God glory of blessings.

Just give GOD control! I will put my money on his word any day of the week.

What’s next!

The hardest thing for me to do lately is probably an easy thing to do but when your life or maybe your mind is over flowing with everything you find it hard to do at times. Standing still, being, quite or just doing nothing lately has been hard. Today, I am doing all of those. What’s funny about today is that everyone want to call you and want something from you. Something free. I have a family… I wonder if anyone has considered that fact. Anyway…. I am off the radar today. I need time to myself to reflect on what direction I want to go in, what moves I need to make, how to proceed, what will I need to accomplish these things and how it will effect us in the long run. I have been interview for different freelance projects, jobs and potential opportunities and nothing solid has come from them yet. Maybe GOD has a different plan or has open a different door. It’s has been hard to see, hear or wait for God to move me towards what he has for me. I’m blogging this today because I don’t really have anyone outside of my wife to express my thoughts lately. I could use a bipartisan individual to talk with sometime. This is not and invitations to anyone reading this… I’m ok… I need to give God some personal time. I go about the life everyday and ignore his presence and how he wants the best for me… Like my wife he wants me to be happy. For the first time in a long time… And just by being still I realize that I’m not happy. I am content with life, I am thankful for a beautiful wife and kids but so unfulfilled. I love them just as I love  God but I am not happy. Can anyone else get that. Does anyone else feel the same. Today, I am on a quest to becoming happy again. Loving my wife, the kids and being happy. You can have love for others, provide for others, have fun with family but I need to also be happy. No, I’m not leaving my wife and kids. A person can have all of the love in the world but can be so unhappy. That’s me… And I don’t want to be anymore. Thanks for listen or reading. I have to play some Sam Cook, a change gonna come or maybe the Seal version and then as God what’s next.


Great at creating ideas but making money from the idea is crucial.

I read a interest article that raised my eyebrows and I wanted to share some of the points it made. I read Inc magazine all the time and find some of the most interesting articles. This article was about people who have great ideas for businesses and open these businesses but can’t seem to make Money from them. I was always told to write out your ideas and do the research required for thqt idea. Now, I’m a pretty good researcher but I missed something important that all great ideas require. That is the research need to establish some solid ideas of how to make money off of the idea. We know already that the idea can make money but a common mistake people who launch a business idea forget to create a plan for not just making money but detail plan for how and how to create a continuous streamline of incoming from the idea. How about does this ideas have expand money alternatives. The product you sell; are they necessities, needed services or is there a chance thqt my customers can decide that they could do without it. I can go on for days about some of the point this article made but express the main idea of the article as express by the writer. Any and everyone can come up with great ideas but the real question in business is can they find way to make money from it. Most people can’t….

The Word of The Day is: OPTIMIZATION

I had many thought this morning and I just had to blog this one. The word of the day is optimization. This word can be use in many ways or can be utilized in different catagories. Time, day, money, potential, efforts or how about talents. I was always taught that real hustler never stays broke because he understand how to optimize his potential talents. He turns can’t into can like letterman use to do. His unwillingness to accept defeat and his canning ability to find resources makes him or her relivent to a market that appears to be unstable. Their creativity is unmatched and their ability to find money is almost Sherlock Holmes like. You have to be the hustler and stay on the hustler by optimizing every possibility, your potential, your efforts and you time. Get on it and hustle hard… Everyday!

conflicted and still I serve!

As conflicted as I am at time when I have to ask what should I do, I am still in service to my maker and true want to make a decision based on how a Christian should handle the situation. Yes, Dr Mike… people do disappoint you and at times it appear as though God has too but this is the trickery of the devil. Providing false claims of how God has forgotten about you. I guess what I’m posting this for or what this is about it how I or many of us have tried to be there to assist others and their lack of appreciation for what you have done. They talk to you at times like they don’t know who you are and think it’s ok. Let me get this off my chest, let me clear my throat, how about I take a step back and say @#$?@+#*”=/?$++@*#…. That wouldn’t be Christian like. So let me say it like this…. Father God forgive them, for they no not what they have done. Show some appreciation always… What people do for you deserves it.

Everyday I’m Hustling, Hustling, Hustling!

It would be a waste to not utilize my talents, experience, or my abilities to make money but settling for just a 9 to 5. Straight talk, no punches held, uncut and to this point…. If I can make you wealthy or profitable with all that I have should I make it happen for myself with that same effort, ability, experience, etc. An employer or most employers will tell you there is opportunity but for many company your opportunities are in the hands of supervisors who fear that fact that you could become their superior. Many employees find other areas to move to because promotions are limited or don’t measure up the opportunity companies preach or promise. They love to use words like you need to become this title before you can become the titled position you really want but nevermind the fact that you have been doing the job you want for the last year. It’s okay for you too handle or hold down this position as long as we don’t have to pay you for it… Company interest will almost always come before career progression and the days or true worker development are far behind us. Too many companies try to find loop holes to keep you tied to a position or place time frames in which you must remain in this position for the next year before you can move on. If I received my masters within that year and opportunities presents itself… Then I must asked… Where is the fair game on the opportunity your describe to me at the interview. If my dreams of success in your company is held up by restraints and you fear my desire to be more sooner then later then my value as an employee is base on what you need only. I am more then the box you what to place me in… And for reason and many others explain why I work be my own boss and keep a hustle to provide income in case I have to remind my employer, you under appreciate my true value and at anytime can lose an asset you to your continued success.

What happen to what you know?

I am tired of school… And yes education is so important but I know how to do my job extremely well. I see people who do the same job slack and do minimal work, but kiss #$?@ like nobodies business and get new position or promotion. Does the gift of gab and who you know fair better most of the time now. I not sure where you”re from or work but I see this so often that all of the time spent educating yourself seems worthless. I see people interview people who are more qualified to do there job and because of this intimidating fact they bypass considering them for a position in their company. What happening?